Most companies that offer insurance in Cedar Rapids – or even globally – will use artificial or marketing testimonial campaigns that sometimes feature actors. Where is the credibility when an insurance company claims "we are the best insurance company in Cedar Rapids" or another location?

Our testimonials come from real customers, not paid actors. We firmly believe that word of mouth is the best form of marketing. Here's what our customers have to say about Millhiser Smith:

We moved here from Waterloo, Iowa and our insurance agent of 51 years retired. We are so glad we asked around and were referred to Millhiser Smith Insurance. We have always been greeted with friendly and positive information and you were able to save us money.


The number one thing that has always impressed me is that everyone in your company from the first in the chain of command to the President treats you as family; you always feel like you are in safe hands. Everyone seems happy in their position and it shows. Claims have always been handled in an easy manner with no problems and with advice to guide us through each case smoothly. Customer service has made your company and staff a pleasure to do business with.


Millhiser Smith delivers great customer service. I always feel like a top priority when I go to them and my problems always get resolved in a timely manner. Millhiser Smith has a talented and motivated workforce that delivers high-quality customer service. Millhiser Smith's employees are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Plus, I love how easy it is to create our OSHA 300 forms when I use their site!

Karli, 7G Distributing, LLC

I have worked with Shayna Fridinger and her team at Millhiser Smith for the last 2 years and have been super pleased with the service we have received. Because my husband and myself have a number of investment properties and are part owners of second business, AssetRover, we often have things come up where we need to speak and the thoroughness and speed for which things get resolved is amazing! It makes running our businesses so much easier knowing I can call and ask as many questions as I need to and that my concerns are completely addressed. Shayna provides the information we need to reduce our risk exposure while at the same is watching the cost. Shayna and her colleagues at Millhiser Smith are an important part of our team to make us successful!


When we switched to Millhiser Smith from our previous insurance provider, I was looking for an organization that I could use as a resource and partner with. I needed someone to keep me abreast of the constant changes to safety and workers compensation, as well as a strong safety training program. On top of being the Safety Director for MMP, I have many other duties related to the Human Resource function of our company. I have to wear many hats here, so it's reassuring that I can rely on someone to keep me current on important changes to what is an always changing environment. We also needed an expert to review accidents and make suggestions to manage the injuries and illnesses that were the result, and hopefully prevent it from happening again. I feel I have found what I was looking for with Millhiser smith and their great staff.

Yvonne, Midwest Metal Products

I wanted to thank you and your respective companies for the role that you played in getting my wife's wedding ring replaced. She took delivery of the new ring last Thursday and is extremely happy to have it on her finger again.

There is no doubt that the entire situation was very unfortunate, so I appreciate you all recognizing the unique circumstances and making the additional effort to resolve the claim.

I hope to never need your help in this way again.


Millhiser Smith has been a very valuable resource for CarePro since our transition to their services in July, 2016. Their staff is very knowledgeable in their subject matter, positive and helpful. They offer practical and rational solutions to challenges with clear guidance and support. Millhiser Smith is a wonderful team to work with.