Personal Solutions

Protecting Your Future

As a Millhiser Smith customer, you'll always feel well protected. Our Risk Consultants are experts and will make sure you have coverage that fits your needs. From home and auto coverage, to umbrella and several other specialized policies, our personal solutions are designed to take care of you, your family, and your possessions. Talk with one of our Risk Consultants today.

iowa home insurance

Home Insurance

From the roof to the basement, Millhiser Smith will protect every part of your home and its contents. You'll appreciate that we have several carrier options, as well as our friendly service. Contact a Risk Consultant to learn how to best protect your home.

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auto insurance cedar rapids

Car Insurance

The Risk Consultants at Millhiser Smith will keep you safe and running on the road. Our comprehensive auto insurance policies provide peace of mind for you and other drivers. Learn how we can insure all your vehicles.

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umbrella coverage cedar rapids

Umbrella Coverage

You carry home, personal, and auto insurance. But are they enough? What about gaps in coverage? There are times when an umbrella policy makes excellent financial sense. Let us explain.

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watercraft insurance iowa

Watercraft Insurance

As you sail – or jet ski – into the sunset, you'll feel confident knowing you have insurance from Millhiser Smith. We provide coverage for a variety of watercraft and to guard against a variety of loss. Learn more by contacting Millhiser Smith.

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