Emergency Management Planning

Millhiser Smith Agency is prepared to keep our business operating to the best of our ability when and if disaster strikes. To continue serving you, we've ensured that your client data can be accessed from remote locations.

If the Agency is Experiencing an Operational Difficulty

We will post a notice on the home page of this site. The notice will inform you of the type of emergency we're experiencing and will provide clear alternate ways to reach us.

If We Are Unable to Take Phone Calls at Our Regular Office

Your calls will be temporarily routed to professionals who will make certain your needs are addressed as soon as possible. Emergency call situations will be routed to someone from our agency that can help you right away.

If We Are Unable to Conduct Business at Our Usual Location

We have established clear operating plans and procedures. These vary depending on the length of time until normal business can be resumed. All our data is backed up off-site. In addition, we can set up a temporary office at either our current location or an alternate site, if necessary, through the company, Agility Recovery Solutions.

At Millhiser Smith, we know the best defense is to play offense. Like a good chess player, we've planned ahead for the best moves and maneuvers. Our goal, as always, is to provide uninterrupted service to you.